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Hi there, good day to you   and Welcome to my little corner of the web. My name is Georg-Nickola and I'm  15 years old.

Going to school is my biggest interest and I'm looking forward to start high school. I love playing games and right now I'm Plying The World of Warcraft

an awesome game and this is probably my favorite rpg game. I really love the battle system and the story. There is so much to do in this game. 

This is one of those games that will keep you busy for a long time trying to find all the secrets and extras . Some other  Game that I like is  Valkyrie Profile, Tales of Destiny,Final Fantasy IX. 

Lately I am playing with my play station and together with my friends, I like out door activities too  like swimming playing socket in the back yard with my friends.




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To you...My wish for you is Long life, long love and long health. I love you . You're my pride and joy!..I am so happy that I had   you. Times may be trying, but you're the one that pull me through wether you know it or not. You're a gift from God. One that I will love and treasure til my time is done on this earth.

I Love you!