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"Who am I? The rich, steamy aroma that rises from the first hot cup of coffee that welcomes you in the morning. The peace and misty stillness that appear upon water during the early morning dawn. The first hints of sunlight that peek over the horizon to say another day is born. The arms around you that pull you closer. I'm the smile that keeps over you when you recall your first kiss, the breeze that ushers in the sudden intensity of that unexpected summer thunder storm. I'm the giggle of silly innocence as children imagine pictures of clouds. And the heat and passion of love just discovered. I'm the giving and tenderness in the blossoming buds in a meadow of wild flowers, with lingering delicate fragrance holding the promise of beauty within. And the germination of the hopes to satisfy the hunger in a field of golden fruit. The shine and wholeness of the full moon on a clear crisp autumn evening, the blue flames of the campfire reaching upward for the sky. Wisdom and sensibility, and the free-spirited untamed adventure that lies dormant in my heart. I feel the depth of the ocean and the "high" of the mountains in my heart and soul. My connection to this universe unquestioned. Still much to be discovered and shared. I'm the vision of nothing for many and everything for those who may choose to accept."

Well, you wanted to know a little about me, so here's a brief history. I was born on October 22, 1958, and grew up in the town of Plovdiv- Bulgaria. Currently I am living in Sweden but I haven't forgotten where I come from. I am dark, caucasian, 1,55 cm, 61 kg brown eyes, shoulder length hair.

I'm a young at heart, easy going person with a caring nature, not much of a talker but great listener, adaptable towards other activities, enjoy new experiences, cheerful and down to earth. I am a kind and gentle person, honest, sensitive, rather serious but also cheerful at times. My best qualities are optimism, trustworthiness, kindness, empathy, loyalty and honesty. I am also very romantic, I like a candle lights dinner for two, walking in the streets holding hands is some  but in the same time I do like to spend time by myself either chilling out to music or reading a good book, walking or watching a good movie is something else that I enjoy doing it. I have always had a deep caring spirit, very soft-hearted and very sympathetic...but I hate it when people blame things on someone else than themselves, as I believe we are responsible for our own actions. I care deeply for people and I'm a very loyal friend. I spend a lot of time with them. trying to be a good friend, and to be there for everyone. There isn't anything I wouldn’t do for my friends, and hope they all know that! Love to laugh, and sometimes once I start, I find it very hard to stop. Always looks on the bright side of things and always got a smile or two for most situations. I would do anything for a smile of someone I care about . I am shy and quiet at the beginning, but when knowing each other for a while, I start to know when to talk and when to listening. I have a real hard time forgiving people when they hurt me and I can't abide a false friend. I hate to be lied to I believe honesty and truth are very important.
If I think I'm right, I'll let you know. I was raised with morals and values, and I stand up for the ones that I believe in.
I love to laugh and have fun, romance and affection! I have respect for the nature, the human beings and the family values and I look forward to each new day for the challenges it brings. Sensitive, understanding person who enjoy simple things in life and yet make the most out of every opportunity that life has to offer.......also a very curious person and I am interested in a variety of things and know a little about a lot of things and I get a real charge out of learning. I have taught myself about the computer, enough to get me by fairly well anyway,I have easy to learn languages,..... trying to understand and learn about politicks tho that is still a mystery to me (maybe that's why you will never hear me talk or arguing about it) :-).love being a woman and  feminine things, lace, flowers, dressing up, Contrary to my romantic nature, I love action movies.

I agree with Michelangelo who once said that a human being is built up on impressions of other people he came across in his life. The impressions stay… when the people are gone… I think there is a grain of truth in all this... I also believe that we as people have much beauty to offer each other. We can be so destructive yet have so much potential. I'm outgoing yet still enjoy quietly observing the interactions that make life such a pleasure. Playful at times and serious at other times.

Now my bad start lots of projects that I never finish. I haven't ever figured out how to quit doing this, so I guess I'm stuck with it :-). I am easily bored, I haven't allot of patience and I have an awful temper, which I have learned to control thank goodness.. I sometimes get so absorbed in things that I don't see or hear what is going on around me, and I hate to be interrupted when I am in one of those states. I have a difficult time opening up to people even those I love, but I'm working on this...........

My interests in life are meeting my friends, travel. I enjoy reading, and especially like science fiction and fantasy.
The music is my passion it can be of various kinds from smooth jazz, Country music,R&B, Spanish guitar and rock - pop - to classic, literature, animals   (esp. dogs), the nature, watching TV, like to cycle a lot. I like to be "spoiled" too :-). Wasting time with web design or just hanging out with friends and "consuming" the traditional Bulgarian cuisine
This is all about me I can figure out for now. I hope you have enjoyed your staying at my homepage on your way through cyberspace. If you have anything you just feel you have to tell me, you're more than welcome to send me a mail

I would love to know you were here.
Please take the time to sign my guest book.
I would appreciate it.
Thank YOU!!


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